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30 June 2006 @ 08:43 am
Hey guys. I'll shortly be making a few changes to my journal. I'm not planning on de-friending anyone, but my LJ will be going completely friends-only as of next week.

So to certain non-lj friends who I know read this - get a bloody Livejournal already! And anyone else I may not be aware of who reads this piece of junk I call a journal - ask me nicely, & I may add you.

Also, my username will soon be changing as well in order to bring this journal into line with my handle on all other sites, just as soon as I figure out what to go for, given somebody already has "skitten" (bitch!).

I dislike the idea of using numbers, as I for one know I never ever remember the numbers in a person's username when they tell me. Not too keen on mucking about with underscores either.

So it's probably going to be miss_skitten, although I'm not sure if that really works, considering that I am, in fact, a Mrs.

But mrs_skitten doesn't sound very cute, & would probably lead to poor Alex being called Mr Skitten for all eternity, which I doubt he'd appreciate!

Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated, although obviously the name must be skitten-related.

For those not too sure about how renaming works, this journal will not be disappearing. Everything will stay excatly as it was before except for the name, so there will be no need to refriend me or anything.
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