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Trading Cards
Paid Account Edition
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Date Created:24/12/03
Number of Posts: Lots.

"Life is a waste of time. Time is a waste of life. Get wasted all the time, And you'll have the time of your life."

Better known as Skitten (on just about every other site she frequents), miss_skitten enjoys anime, corsets, cups of tea & having silly hair.

It's a safe bet than at any given time, she will be wearing at least one piece of Hello Kitty apparel.

miss_skitten has a tremendous fear of cameras, & more Pokemon merchandise than you.
Strengths: Always knows where to find tea.
Weaknesses: Impulse buying on eBay.
Special Skills: Drinking Merlot.
Weapons: miss_skitten is secretly breeding an army of Skitties with freakin' lasers attached to their heads, in order to one day assume absolute power & establish a new world order of great fluffiness.
Pet Hates: miss_skitten has a deep-seated hatred of the Drama Llama & Guinness hats.

This mess would be me:

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Hairfalls in both pictures by me. Please feel free to ask if you're after some.
Corsets by Freyagushi.

According to my husband, I'm also the proud curator of the world's largest corset sanctury. :o)

I also have three adorable, slightly deranged kitties; Luna, Skitty & Bonkers.

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My Skitty!

my pet!

My DSI profile & galleries may be found here, & my MySpazz profile is here.

My Amazon Wishlist is here, if anyone wants ideas for my birthday, wishes to bribe me, or is just plain feeling generous. :o)

New people - I'm really shy when I'm sober, & also have a lousy memory. So, if we've met at some point & you want to add me, please feel free to (but leave a comment, so I know who you are!). I'll never get round to doing it otherwise!